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Customer Panel Regulations

Customer Panel Regulations – Planetfan sp. z o.o.

§ 1. Definitions

  • Customer Panel – a user interface in the Service for account management.
  • User – a natural person who can use the Panel after registration.
  • Personal data – information provided by the User during registration.
  • Service – a website available at www.planetfan.pl, through which the User may use the company's services.
  • Privacy Policy – a document defining the rules for processing personal data.
  • Account – a secured area of the Service, accessible to a registered User.
  • Hashing – the process of transforming the password into a secure storage form.

§ 2. Registration and Use of the Customer Panel

  • The User can register in the Panel by providing required information: first name, last name, telephone, email, company name, VAT ID, and password.
  • The password is hashed for security reasons.
  • The User can add products to favorites and send inquiry requests.

§ 3. Protection of Personal Data

  • In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), PLANETFAN is the administrator of personal data.
  • Data is processed based on the User's consent and is necessary for the provision of services.
  • The User has the right to access their data and its rectification, as well as to revoke consent to their processing.

§ 4. Data Security

  • PLANETFAN applies appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data.
  • Data is stored for the period necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected.

§ 5. Cookies and Other Technologies

  • The Service uses cookies to personalize and improve the use of the Service.
  • The User can manage cookie settings in their web browser.

§ 6. User Rights and Obligations

  • The User has the right to use the Service according to its functionalities.
  • The User is obliged to provide true information and to use the Service in compliance with the law and regulations.

§ 7. Complaint Procedure

  • The User has the right to file complaints in case of problems with access to the Service or provision of services.

§ 8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

  • PLANETFAN reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy, which will not limit User rights without their consent.
  • The current Privacy Policy is always available on the Service's website.

§ 9. Contacts and Complaints

  • All inquiries and complaints regarding data processing may be directed to PLANETFAN or to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

§ 10. Final Provisions

  • Any disputes arising from the use of the Service will be settled according to Polish law.
  • PLANETFAN reserves the right to refuse service in the event of a violation of the regulations by the User.

§ 11. Final Clauses

  • The regulations come into force on the date of publication in the Service.
  • In the event of the invalidity of any provision, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.

Thank you for adhering to our regulations and trusting our services.