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We are a manufacturer of industrial fans. We have the machinery to produce axial fans with diameters from Ø250 to Ø2150mm.
The largest axial fan we have produced to date has a diameter of Ø2000mm and a 160kW motor.

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Planetfan - manufacturer of industrial fans

radial fans


The radial fans we manufacture are fitted with motors ranging from 0.37 to 132kW. As standard, they are manufactured from structural steel protected against corrosion by painting or hot-dip galvanising. We can also manufacture fans from stainless steel or aluminium.

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Planetfan - Producent wentylatorów przemysłowych

spare parts for fans


As a manufacturer, we can supply most mechanical parts as replacements for any industrial fan. Our strengths are impellers for axial fans from 0.37 to 160kW and impellers for radial fans up to 132kW. If you are also interested in replacing the motor in a worn-out fan, you have come to the right place! With us, you can easily replace your worn-out electric motor with a new one.

Planetfan - manufacturer of industrial fans

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Industrial fan manufacturer

We are a Polish company whose origins in the production of industrial fans date back to 1993. Following legal and ownership transformations, we have formed an independent company Planetfan since 2009. Fans are created in our company from scratch. We have a design office, aerodynamic channels for determining flow characteristics and a station for measuring the acoustic pressure level of fans, generally known as noise. What sets us apart is our knowledge and flexible approach to the customer. On this basis, we create added value – tailor-made fans.

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We are a Polish company that has been manufacturing industrial fans for over 20 years. Fans are made from scratch at our company, so we make sure that the components used in the production process meet the highest standards. Thanks to this, our products are characterised by the highest quality and functionality.