Construction of the axial fan

Construction of the axial fan

Each complete fan consists of the following components:

– fan casing,

– impeller (boss and blades);

– motor.


All Planetfan fans are marked with rating plates.


The fan casing made by our fans are made of materials

– aluminum sheet,

– black steel sheet (painted or galvanized),

– stainless steel sheet.


The impeller, commonly referred to as a fan propeller, consists of blades mounted in the boss.

Planetfan produces impellers with diameters from 260 to 1250mm.

Impellers of all fans are dynamically balanced in accordance with PN-93 / N-01359,
In the G-6,3 balancing class.

Blades can be made of:

– PPG – glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (maximum working environment temperature: 80 ° C),

– PAG – glass fiber reinforced polyamide (maximum operating temperature: 120 ° C),

– AL – aluminum (maximum working environment temperature: 150 ° C).

The blades can be fixed at different angles, which has a direct influence on the flow characteristics of the fan.


Blades in the standard version are designed to work in one direction, in accordance with the flow of air determined by the Ordering Party. Planetfan also offers a reversible blade, which has a unique shape that allows you to work both ways.


The boss is located in the central part of the fan. The boss of our impellers is normally made of die cast aluminum (in special version – of steel). Depending on the needs (flow parameters), 3 to 16 blades are fitted to the boss. At the center of the boss is an opening where the impeller is mounted on the motor shaft.

Planetfan offers one and two-speed motors. Two-speed motors combine in case of variable operating conditions of the fan, lower to the minimum operating costs. Get out of the customer’s requirements and familiarize yourself with motors one (1 ~ 230 V) or three phase (3 ~ 400 V). We also offer special motors, such as: high temperature, explosion proof, for operation with inverter / regulator.